Leisure Travel

We offer all types of exciting leisure travel. Do you want a preplanned tour to your choice of destination? This is perfect for people who are single or prefer to travel with a group. Do you prefer a planned tour with air, dates of travel and return preset, hotels, a loose itinerary and perhaps a few toured booked in advance? This is a skeleton, as it were, with you fleshing out the details as you go giving you free time and many options. Or, would you like a vacation where all details are planned including air, hotels, meet and greet, train or rental car bookings, small group or private guided tours, dinner reservations, and other special needs met? We can offer all this and still build in private time for you. The owners and agents of Universal Travel Services have traveled around the world and can help you with your preferred style of leisure travel.
Why not put our expertise to work for you and help you plan a fabulous vacation!