Universal Travel Service

River Cruises

Viking River Cruises provides a fantastic opportunity to visit Historically Significant Rivers throughout Europe and  Surrounding Countries with your loved ones with luxury amenities and world class service. Universal Travel Service recommends Viking River Cruises for the world traveler that would like to see many destinations but would rather skip multiple flights, bus trips and train rides to fulfill their appetite. With Viking River Cruises unpack your bag once as you sail down historic rivers docking at some of Europe’s favorite tourist destinations.  Book your travel today with Universal Travel Service.

Ocean Cruises

Come aboard the intimate ocean liners of Viking Cruise Lines a global destination cruise liner. Set sail on Viking Cruise Line’s Ocean cruises across the seven seas in luxury and destinations rich in history and entertainment experiences. We recommend Viking Ocean Cruises to our clients that are not interested in the city size ocean liners that sometimes miss the mark for intimate ocean experiences. Book your Viking Ocean Cruise with Universal Travel Service today and ask about our fantastic air fare included pricing.